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Designs Midwest Hong Kong was established to control the manufacturing process in China. Our experienced staff help to minimize the problems that can occur when conducting business with Asian factories and vendors.

  • Does this sound familiar??

    Parts of products are not built to the specifications of your engineering data.
  • Approval samples are received and approved but production shipments are manufactured to lower standards and quality.
  • There is a "communications blackout". No one returns emails or messages, or nobody speaks English.
  • Original price quotations suddenly change and rise in cost.
  • Parts have been shipped, but nobody knows where they are or why there is a delay in deliver.
  • You’ve received another company’s products instead of yours.
  • Packages received are delivered in sub-standard packing materials and arrived damaged.
  • Off the shelf components that are sourced, are not to correct specifications given, although stated as a direct equivalant.
  • Incorrect or undesired quantities are delivered.
  • Products or components are manufactured poorly or out of tolerance, but shipped anyway
  • Tooling you own and have paid for is used for a competitor’s product.
How we can help!            
If you have experienced any of the above while dealing with Chinese and other Asian Companies, then Designs Midwest can help you. We pride ourselves in putting you, the customer, first and the factories we contract second. We do not represent any one factory and therefore are not paid by any factory to promote only their business. We represent only you, the customer.
QA   Our manufacturing structure    
Designs Midwest Hong Kong office is situated in Shenzhen, China where we control all the manufacturing standards and approvals. We employ production engineers which are British educated Hong Kong residents, they are highly qualified in managing both mechanical-electronic manufacturing and procurement. Their role is to find the ideal manufacturer and supplier of components and manage the vendors to assure they produce to the quality and cost levels you expect.
    English speaking engineers & staff  
Our production engineers and supporting staff all speak the English language. Our customers are welcome to communicate directly with the Shenzhen office or allow our Kansas City office to manage your production and take care of everything. Our customers are always encouraged and welcomed to visit our Shenzhen office to experience our manufacturing capabilities!
Support in USA
Designs Midwest, located in Kansas City, Missouri, employs a staff of design/manufacturing engineers of all discplines that oversee quality control and issues of our customers components.
Working Prototypes
Don’t commit to a major financial investment without knowing your results. We provide working prototypes so you can make informed decisions.
Quality control
Our staff in Hong Kong is responsible for inspection and quality control from the factories before packaging. Our Shenzhen staff also manages the quality of packaging. 
Logistics arrangements
We can arrange and manage the logistics completely and directly to our customer’s dock. Our forwarding agents stay in contact and give complete shipping time tables and update to the shipping status.
Problems are quickly resolved    
We would love to state that with all of our structuring we do not see problems or mistakes and that all of our manufacturers are perfect but of course, that is not true! Our vendors do make the occasional mistake, but our Kansas City and Shenzhen offices quickly coordinate to find a quick and feasible solution to resolve the issue. We also assure that the problem has been documented with the factory and does not reoccur in the future.
Tooling fabrication & design
Need to keep your production in the USA, but would like to reduce tooling costs and lead times. We can help with this too! We offer a quick turnaround time at an average cost savings of up to 30% less than buying the tooling domestically. Our manufacturers will work with you to develop a production tool that will fit properly to your machines and operate and function as you would expect it to.
Our manufacturing capabilities  
Because we do not represent any one factory, we can find resources to manufacturer almost any product by any method required. Here is a list of our most typical manufacturing methods:
  • Injection Molds
  • Castings-Sand / Investment / Precision
  • Precision Machining
  • Extrusion
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Tooling/Fixturing
  • Optics/Optical Lens
  • Printed Circuit Board
  • Surface Mount Assembly
  • Through Hole Assembly
  • Liquid Crystal Display
  • Membrane Switch Panels
  • Custom Electrical Components
  • Adhesive Labels
  • Instruction Manual Printing
  • Custom Packaging
  • Textiles
  • Jewelry
  • Gift Boxes

Designs Midwest HongKong Limited

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